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Welcome to The English Square! ( An online English school where our fantastic courses and experienced and highly qualified English teachers work with you on reaching your English goals. Get in touch with me at

We understand that finding the right English teacher and following a course which is tailored for your needs, history and goals can be a huge challenge.

There are so many teachers out there, it’s hard to find the right one that will really help you develop in the areas you need to.

Our expert TEFL-approved teachers and English linguists have worked with over 1500 students from top companies such as Deutsche Bank, Bosch, Turkish Airlines and Coca Cola to get their English to a high level for the workplace.

Our seamless process of matching you to the right teacher has made improving your English easy and fun.

1. take a proficiency test to determine your level
2. select a course; business English or conversational English
3. add your teacher on Skype
4. start learning!

Check out a video of a wonderful success story with one of our students at

Let’s start improving today. Send us an email at

Rebecca Hope
The English Square

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