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Ganesha Chathurthi


AstroVed’s Grand 3-Day Ganesha Chaturthi Celebration kicks off on Aug 21, 2020
Live at 5.30 pm PT/ 8.30 pm ET
Day 1 - Super Grand Homa invoking 32 forms of Ganesha
Day 2 – Ganesha Upanishad Chanting and Maha Ganapati Homa at Vedic School
Day 3 – Raja Ganapati Homa

The Scriptures say that -
Invoking the 32 forms of Ganesha in the Fire Lab can help you gain 42 unique Ganesha blessings
Invoking Maha Ganapati (Supreme Ganesha) on his birthday can grant good health, longevity, happiness and success in all areas of life
Raja Ganapati Homa can bestow Kingly blessings in terms of success, prosperity, leadership qualities, successful career and protection from all obstacles

Don’t let the lockdown prevent you from celebrating Ganesha’s birthday. Join us online and experience the joy and satisfaction of taking part in Ganesha Chaturthi and receiving his blessings on this auspicious day! Celebrate this festive occasion from the comfort of your own home!
Register by August 1 and get 315 preparatory Bonus Poojas and upto 25% off on Ganesha Chaturthi packages.

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City Chennai Category Community Events Start Date 21/Aug/2020 Start Time 8.30 pm ET End Date 23/Aug/2020 End Time 10.30 pm ET Location India Organizer Name Astroved
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