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Happiness Challenge


What is Happiness Challenge?
Starting Jan 1st, 21 new videos will be released outlining tools and methodologies that one can adopt to improve their Happiness and thus improving the quality of life. These videos are completely inspirational/motivational and will uplift everyone irrespective of what stage they are in their life.

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Where will this Happiness Challenge be launched?
These videos will be launched on YouTube (Swami Mukundananda) channel. Like us on FB event page and join Whatsapp group to get latest updates on this challenge.

When will this Happiness Challenge be launched?
These exclusively recoded videos will be launched starting Jan 1, 2019! What a wonderful way to start the new year!!

What do you have to do as part of Happiness Challenge?
Watch the videos launched as part of Happiness Challenge and try to implement the tools shared in your daily life. Experience the transformation and uplift yourself!

Like, comment and share the videos with your contacts and watch your happiness grow as you dissipate these priceless treasure with your contacts. Share the happiness challenge with 5 contacts and receive one month FREE subscription to Daily Sadhana (access to 21 lessons including video, review material, exercises, kirtans and exclusive meditation sessions). More details on Daily Sadhana.

As a Happiness Ambassadors you will help make happiness spread like a wave over the entire globe.
To be a Happiness Ambassador you would:
1.Host a meeting with 4 or more people.
2. Watch the video "Happiness Challenge That Will Change Your Life" .
3. Have all attendees sign-up for 21 day inward journey to happiness.
4. Share photos and videos and details from the event to

At the close of the Happiness Challenge, JKYog will recognize the top 10 Happiness Ambassadors who successfully get most people to participate in the Happiness Challenge.
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