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Mind Management Challenge


Mind Management Challenge: Perfect Your Mind
Change Your Mind, Change Your World
Do you think others are lucky and you are not? Are you constantly fighting to change your situation to feel better? The quality of your thoughts governs the quality of your life.
One who rules their mind, rules the world –Shankaracharya
JKYog and Swami Mukundananda, bestselling author of the 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfillment bring to you via YouTube starting Sep 11, 2020, a FREE Mind Management Challenge. Discover the hidden power of this incredible machine -your mind -to attract favorable circumstances to your life and catapult your destiny to unimaginable heights.
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21 videos, 21 tools, 21 steps to train your mind for greatness
Register, Watch and Share the videos on YouTube
Understand what the LAW OF ATTRACTION really is!
Become a Mindful Warrior by influencing your community through this knowledge
Join the Put it To Practice sessions to expand and strengthen your mind
Become a Mindful Warrior by influencing your community through this knowledge
Inspire as many people as you can –Top 20 Mindful Warriors will be recognized by JKYog

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