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GoldenCRI, the center for research and innovation, is located in the United States of America. The Center provides the best avenue for research and unrivaled platform for leadership training and development of sustainable competitive strategies. We offer participants and presenters opportunities to grow through intellectual presentation of research outcomes and publication of peer-reviewed journals. Since its inception in 2011, GoldenCRI has been providing exemplary services with the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and ethical behaviors. GoldenCRI conducts academic conferences throughout the United States and we encourage participation by members of university communities, company executives, state and national political office holders, and businessmen/women worldwide. The Center is headed by a group of professors in various disciplines.

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City Greenbelt Category Workshops - Seminars Start Date 15/Jan/2023 Start Time 6:00pm End Date 17/Jan/2023 End Time 1:00pm Location Hilton Garden Washington, DC - Greenbelt Organizer Name GoldenCRI USA Organizer Address 6 Birkenhead Ct Suite B1 Owings Mills MD 21117 US Organizer Number 4107818452
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