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Katsutoshi Fujiki


In an effort to provide the best possible customer care and administrative support, we are looking for a quality individual who has experience in financial and administrative management, listening to call transactions, identifying adherence to funds retrieval and debt collections. You will listen to calls, attend to emails and collate payment data.


* Must have excellent written/spoken English skills and exceptional listening skills
* Must be able to work from home and retrieves funds from client
* Be able to focus on the job and give 4-5 hour of your time daily
* Must have a solid/stable/fast internet connection
* Must have data entry skills (good typing)/debt collection
* Must be able to dedicate yourself to this position and adhere to instructions when given.

This position is part time during business working days while weekends can become full-time and long term based on performance. Send in your resume

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City San Francisco Job Type Part Time Category Finance and Administration
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