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Marketing Executive


JD for Marketing Executive, Frisco TX & Garden City MI

Communicating with target audiences and managing customer relationships at public shows
Co-ordination with the Indian team and ensuring they work in the right direction and meet deadlines
Contributing to and developing marketing plans and strategies
Market Research
PR and Networking with local communities across the USA, emphasis more on women
Competition analysis on a regular basis and sharing the information with an Indian team
Giving support to store for marketing related activities
Database Management
Marketing collaterals management
Preparation of feedback in every public shows
Identifying potential websites for marketing and branding
Negotiating and closing deals with potential companies/websites
Identify local Indian stores/boutique/restaurants/beauty parlor etc. and tie-up with them for advertising
Identify corporates to host an event for free CVD testing, Polishing, Repairs event. NO sale Event. This will be purely from a branding perspective to create goodwill for SKJ
Collection of HNI Data
Tie up with local travel partner for better deals for raffle promotions

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City Houston Job Type Full Time Category Marketing Experience 2-3 Yrs. Company Name Krishna Jewelers Education Graduate
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