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Operations Manager


We are seeking a highly motivated Operational Manager to keep close watch on daily operations of our business.

Job Description:

Employees' daily duties would include Invoicing, Shipping, Account Parables / Receivables, Inventory tracking, damage/loss control, cost control and customer service.

Job activities involve heavy phone and computer usage.

Basic knowledge of Quick-books would be an added advantage.
Excellent organizational skills, good communication skills, Computer networking & multi-tasking are prerequisites.
Candidate must be adept in Microsoft suite.

Detailed Job Duties:

After-sales customer service.
Accounts Parables/ Receivables
Shipping of sold items
Spreadsheets for tracking sales & expenses.
Liaison with customers, suppliers & vendors.
Inventory tracking

In short, applicant's duty is to grease the wheels and keep the operations running smooth.

Post information

City Houston Job Type Full Time Category Finance and Administration Experience 4-5 Yrs. Company Name RS INDUSTRIAL ENGINES Education College Compensation 40000-50000 $ Location 7520 Eagle Pass st, Houston, Tx 77020
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