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Pokemon GO Battery Pack Travel Charger USB LED LIGHT 10000mah Only $19.99


I have some for sale...Hottest things on the market for all the Pokemon GO players.
Good novelty item for the kids and resale is too easy really.
Don't wait for weeks from china or amazon hoping it comes in just come pick it up in person
Also accept Square Cash and can ship to you if that's better.
Able to ship to anywhere in USA for additional charge (about $5)
Also available in barter possibly depending on what you have but it would definitely have to be of value. I am not willing to part with what items these hot unless you have something of value or worth.
Don't bother lowballing.. everyone says they can get it ...but they all have to WAIT to get it.
Phone: 4843309404

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City Little Arkansaw Category Mobile Accessories Price $20.00 Modal Type Dontknow Location Little Rock Condition new Brand Name Palm one
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