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Surrogate Mother Needed


My name is steve (35yro). My wife (31) and I are happily married and have been trying to start a family. Unfortunately after miscarriages and over a year of infertility issues, we have decided to look for a Gestational Surrogate. We live in new jersey so ideally someone in NJ, PA, MA, MD, DE, WV, or NC but open to other surrogate-friendly states.

We are looking for someone between the ages 21-36 (independent) to transfer our frozen embryos. GS should be healthy, compassionate, and have a genuine desire to help us start our family, even though we will compensate you very well.

To ensure and help a more healthy, comfortable pregnancy, we will also provide monthly healthy/organic food services (Whole Food or other) delivered to your location for the 9 months and other extra perks (e.g., prenatal yoga classes and massages when doctor approved).

We also would like to have regular communication with you. We really appreciate this !!

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1) Lives in a smoke-free, drug-free home

2) Has never used drugs and will abstain alcohol, smoking and drugs throughout before and through the pregnancy

3) Healthy BMI and lifestyle (likes to exercise)

4) at least 1 previous complication-free pregnancy

5) Ideally with health insurance without surrogacy exclusion

6) Has a strong support system at home

7) US Citizen or Visa Status.

Feel free to reply to this message. THANK YOU

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City Jersey City Category Miscellaneous Price USD($)40,000.00
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