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Gītā Mahāyajña Batch#7 (2021-22) Registration : Memorize The Entire Gītā In 10 Months


Bhagavadgītā Mahāyajña Batch#7 (2021-22)
(Memorize all 700 Ślokās in 10 months)

Are you willing to take the deep dive into the nectar of Śrimad Bhagavadgītā and memorize the entire text (700 Ślokās)? 2484 students (children and adults) have aspired and have achieved this extraordinary task in 6 batches of 10 months each. Now it is your turn to avail this priceless gift of memorizing the entire Gītā, the essence of all the Upaniṣads and embrace life transforming message of Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

Glimpses of the Gītā Mahāyajña !!!

👉 Classes starting in August!!
👉 Please register before July 31st 2021.
👉 Upon registration, details of the orientation sessions and class schedule will be sent early August, by your regional center coordinator.

Mission 1000+ Memorizers (Batch#7 2021-22):
The Bhagavadgītā Mahāyajña program was envisioned in 2015 by Parama Pūjya Śrī Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji (Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysuru, India). With 30 teaching centers in North America, the Gītā Mahāyajña movement now has a presence across the globe in over 12 countries! SGS Gītā Foundation invites you all to register and be a part of this mission!

Why Study BhagavadGītā?

● A complete life transforming manual.
● Bestows great material and spiritual success.
● Imparts leadership, management and team building skills.
● Frees from negativities of depression, conflicts, fear, anger, hatred etc.
● Helps to lead a balanced life.

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